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We are a team consisting of beatmakers and videomakers. Together, we provide a visual and musical experience that we distribute on popular platforms. The aim of B.B.M is to create unique and innovative video-music experiences. With 20 years of industry experience, we offer a variety of skills and services for producing visually impressive music videos for bands and musicians

  • Music training: Our Ableton Live tutorials are the perfect way to take your music production to the next level. Our expert instructors will guide you through each feature, giving you the knowledge and skills you need to create amazing tracks.
  • Concept development: We can develop concepts and treatments that highlight the band’s music and message, resulting in a cohesive and impactful music video.
  • Video editing and post-production: Our skills in video editing and post-production allow us to create polished, high-quality videos that will stand out in the competitive music industry.
  •  Camera operation: We are skilled in using a variety of cameras and lighting equipment to capture stunning footage, which will result in a visually captivating music video.
  • Creativity: We are always looking for new and interesting concepts for music videos, and will work closely with the band to create a unique and visually stunning music video.

If you’re looking for a videomaker to bring your music to life on screen or if you want to learn how to create professional-sounding tracks, sign up now and unlock your potential!


Artists helping artists. Our website is the perfect resource hub for all artists looking to grow their listeners and reach their full potential. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your fanbase, we provide a supportive community and comprehensive resources to help you achieve your musical goals. With expert advice, useful tools, and curated playlists, we offer everything you need to succeed as an artist. With our support, we can grow our music together and unlock your full potential. Join our community today and let’s create something beautiful together!




B.B.D. is our EDM music project that spans a wide range of genres, from progressive house to nu disco, providing an exciting and engaging musical experience. B.B.M.’s EDM music is characterized by fast and intense rhythms, with a beat that never drops below 120 beats per minute. If you are a dance music lover, we invite you to press play and taste our EDM music.




In addition to producing music that’s out of this world, we also have a passion for jamming to it. Check out our playlist below, featuring all the songs that have been on repeat for us on Spotify. Let’s get musical!




If you love musical videos, don’t miss this opportunity, and click the links below to watch the videos on YouTube. If you only love listening Get ready to experience the musical magic! You can now tune into our sounds on the finest online streaming platforms and let the music take you away.

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Our inspirational genre is Electronic Urban, in which we combine electronic music, urban music, chip-hop, R&B, jazz, funk, and soul. Our roots lie in the intersection of dance music and hip-hop culture with its synthesized rhythms, electronic patterns, heavy bass, catchy rhythms, and smooth vocals. Our catalog includes Chillout music, Future R&B, and lofi hip-hop, electronic urban.


On certain tracks, we enjoy adding dust to create a warm analog patina, thereby recreating a dirty digital sound that harkens back to the warmth of the past. Listen to our music and sink into your pillow and leave your stress behind. Be cradled by jazz sounds, slowed-down dusty Boom Baps, airy harmonies, ethereal voices.

Enjoy following with your mind the sax background or the notes played by a Rhodes piano. Good vibrations and relaxed rhythms wrap you in a warm embrace, letting your thoughts glide along warm sound waves. If you’re the type of person who ends their daily frenzy with soft musical vibes, then you’re in the right place. If you want to relax, study, unwind, or make love in front of the fireplace while it snows outside, you’ve found the right music.


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About Us

Our team, B.B.M, combines the skills of beatmakers and videomakers to create original and creative experiences in the fields of music and visual arts. Our goal is to unleash creativity, also through collaborations with other artists to expand the boundaries of the music-video experience. If you are a musician who wants to distribute your music digitally we offer our support to help you achieve your goals.

Who and Where

Christian Caruso, the talented beatmaker, and Giuseppe Anello, the visionary videomaker, bring their talents to the B.B.M project. It all started in the electrifying 90s at a student house teeming with artists, musicians, and creative minds. This cultural melting pot, combined with their passion for innovation and exceptional skills, produced the B.B.M project.

“Transcending genres, creating art. Innovating, creating and pushing boundaries in music.”

“Making music that tells a story.”

“Bringing the energy of the streets to the stage.”


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