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Boost Your Music

Welcome to our resource hub devoted to helping artists grow their music and achieve their musical aspirations. Our mission is to promote a culture of collaboration in the music industry, which can help independent artists reach a wider audience. As artists ourselves, we understand the effort it takes to break through in the industry. We have learned from experience that with limited financial resources, joining forces and working together towards a common goal is the best way to succeed.

The community we have helped to cultivate has implemented a solid collaborative model that enables members to expand their musical aspirations. Our playlists on Spotify serve as the meeting point for this collaboration, which we have grown with passion and dedication over time.

If you’re seeking ways to grow your audience on Spotify without resorting to paid placements on playlists, consider opting for an organic approach. Our collaborative culture welcomes you to become a part of our community, where we strive for collective growth. Let’s work together to reach milestones for your music that may have seemed impossible before. Join us today and let’s push your music towards new heights!

What is the best way to grow?

The Playlists

Spotify playlists are a great way for artists to increase their exposure and reach new listeners. By being featured on a popular playlist, artists can quickly grow their fanbase and reach a wider audience. Playlists offer a curated listening experience, which helps users discover new music and artists they may not have found otherwise. Leveraging the power of Spotify playlists can help artists achieve their musical goals.


If you’re unsure why playlists are important, learn more.

In our hub, we welcome all those who love music and believe in the power of community, whether you’re a musician, a playlist creator, or a passionate listener – this is the place for you.

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I’m an artist

Insert your tracks into our playlists and actively participate in collective growth. Choose between Facebook and Discord to join the community.


I’m an artist and a playlist creator too

Having a playlist on Spotify if you are also a musician is a great opportunity to start collaborations.


I’m a playlist creator

If you have a great playlist on Spotify and are looking for artists to add that can also help you grow it, we could support you with that.


I just listen to music

If you’re a music enthusiast looking to discover new artists outside of mainstream circuits, listen to our playlists.

How can i join the team?

Our main communication channels are Discord and Facebook

Join us


The best way to join us is by entering our Discord server. We chose Discord because the platform provides a variety of features that make it perfect for connecting with others, collaborating on projects, and sharing information in real-time.

Join us


If you’re not familiar with Discord yet, join our community on our team’s Facebook page. It is perhaps the most used social network in the world. The content is more important than the container, so we’ve made sure to include ways to access useful resources here.


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